Premiere Brown Rice Vermicelli

The Premiere brown rice vermicelli is high-grade rice vermicelli.

Premiere brown rice vermicelli is one of the best innovations in the rice vermicelli market. We use the best quality broken brown crush, the health-oriented production concept, combined with the fineness of traditional rice vermicelli, with the ripples of the modern era.

The difference between brown rice vermicelli and ordinary white rice vermicelli is the use of brown rice crush instead of white rice crush. The color is natural brown and without pigment. Brown rice vermicelli is the health product choice of the public. Once it is eaten, it will be continuously consumed for a long time. This charm is exclusive to the Kampung brand!

Consumer300g - Single Pack - 3 pieces300g x 24 Packs - Carton Box--------------------------------------Commercial5KG - 50 pieces - Carton Box