Kampung Traditional Rice Vermicelli

KAMPUNG brand traditional rice vermicelli — the traditional taste, the taste of Kampung, the quality of lasting resistance to frying. For this insistence, we have produced a well-received traditional food!

The so-called traditional flavor, we must retain the original appearance of the product, and in order to ensure the safety and hygiene of the production process, the factory uses 100% mechanical production mode, blending raw materials, using the most suitable production materials, safe food management production system, produced the most economical, inexpensive and suitable for business models and household consumption.

Consumer400g - Single Pack400g x 10 packs - Bundle Pack220g x 12 packs - Bundle Pack------------------------------------Commercial2.5KG x 4 bags -Bundle3KG , 3.5KG, 4KG, 4.5KG, 5KG - Single Pack------------------------------------Export400g x 30 packs - Carton BoxBundle Pack : 2.5KG / 3KG - (Available in Red & Green Pack)